Self-service coworking doesn’t exist.

These things don’t run themselves. Coworking spaces are high touch businesses, so cannot be expected to run without a high level of attention to the customer experience. Technology does not exist to replace human involvement, it exists to support it and better leverage how time is spent on human involvement.To create a premier customer experience,… Continue reading Self-service coworking doesn’t exist.

The Coworking Value Proposition – Part 4 (Employers)

The flexible workspace industry has seen explosive growth year over year that will continue to grow. What started as spaces for freelancers & digital nomads have become mainstays for the workforce, including the largest global companies. Part 4 of this series delves into why larger companies should leverage the flexible workspace movement. If you haven't… Continue reading The Coworking Value Proposition – Part 4 (Employers)

Strive for excellence – its worth the energy.

What can we do to ensure that we are running the best possible business for our customers? Building a business is a process. It is not something that is ever finished. Building a successful business requires constant time, attention, innovation, and maintenance.  We can get so busy working in the business that sometimes it feels… Continue reading Strive for excellence – its worth the energy.